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We're Ann Sobrato Key Club! We meet in the lecture hall every Tuesday during lunch. This year, we have askc stamp cards! You can earn stamps by attending meetings, events, and much more! We'll be having a drawing every quarter for some hand-delivered boba, as well as surprise drawings throughout the term ;D Welcome to the fire nation 😈🔥

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We won FRN!!! 😈🔥


HI MY FLAMIN FIREBENDIESS!! My name is Milan Ong and I serve ASKC as your president for the 2122 term :D I love the positive spirit key club carries everywhere, tempting me to begin my kc journey during my freshman year! Some of my fav things I’ve watched are kimi ni todoke, mob psycho 100, it’s okay to not be okay, and studio ghibli movies :] Stay sizzling with service my key-uties ゚* :・。゚✧

tara @tara.k.atie・17m

Hey key-uties!! My name is Tara Yath, I'm a junior this year, and I serve as one of your vice presidents! I've been in Key Club since my freshman year and have loved it ever since. The memories and adventures I've made through key club have been my favorite experiences. Some of my favorite things include reading mangas, watching animes and kdramas, listening to music, and eating poke bowls. Currently, I love Neon Genesis Evangelion, chai lattes, and Seventeen! (*・ω・)ノ♡

neil @kneel.s・30m

Hi everyone, I'm Neil Shah, a senior, and one of ASKC's vice president this year! I love giving back to my community, whether through Key Club or the various STEM programs I'm a part of. In my free time, I love being highly opinionated about Taylor Swift and rap music as well as binging Crash Landing on You and Grey's Anatomy.

iris @sirichiang・40m

Hi, my name is Iris Chiang and i serve as ASKC’s secretary. I’m a junior this year and I love getting helping out my community which is why I got involved with key club. My current favorites include the song Drew Barrymore by SZA, kevin kwan, and warm cups of tea

zach @zach.trn・42m

Hi, people of the club, my name is Zachary Tran your beloved treasurer. I'm a junior and I love being the key club treasurer because I like contributing to the community in a way I know the best, math. My favorite things are dues, hyoon <3, the askc secretary, and meat.

katelyn @katelyn.trn・1h

Hi, my name is Katelyn Tran, I am a junior, and I serve as one of the askc editors! I joined Key Club my sophomore year and have stayed involved ever since. Outside of key club, I am on our school cheer team and in asb, so it is safe to say getting involved is one of my favorite things to do. Some interesting facts about me are that I am addicted to boba, I can binge kdramas at a ridiculous rate, and my favorite artist right now is Eric Nam! I am super happy to be a part of the fire nation!!

jane @imjanew・4h

Hey u wonderful key-uties! This is your Bulletin Editor Jane Wong for the term 2021-2022 and I do the publications/articles that get sent to our division 12 south every month!! I have been in Key Club starting from freshmen year and am so glad to have been helping our community and broadening my own borders by exploring out of my comfort zone within KC <3 My favorite things to do in my pastime are jamming to music, reading mangas and making art! My favorite food is probably anything involving noodles and my favorite drinks are fruit teas/coffee ☕️🍵🧋♡

melynda @melyndatrinh・7h

Hi firebenders, my name is Melynda Trinh and I serve as member recognition chair for ASKC! I’m in 12th grade now, and I got into Key Club freshman year because I liked the local service events offered around the community that got me to meet new people in my area whilst building listening and cooperation skills. My favorite hobbies include drawing, swimming, reading, and my favorite foods are sushi and poke.

alyssa @alyssaktran・11h

Hello there! My name is Alyssa Tran and I serve as one of your project coordinators. I’m currently a senior and have been in Key Club since freshman year :] My journey in Key Club has definitely been an enjoyable one and I hope to create even more memories this term!! My hobbies consist of listening to music (alternative/indie, kpop), crocheting, thrifting, drinking boba, and spending time with family & friends.

camy @thyisme・9h

Hi! I’m Camy NguyenLe! I’m a senior this year and I’m one of your four Ann Sobrato project coordinators! I’ve been a member of key club ever since my freshman year and from there I found my passion for volunteering and helping out with the community. I love going to concerts, listening to music, watching kdramas, and hanging out with friends. Right now, I love cooking and trying out new recipes!

roma @roma.shah4・12h

Hey!! My name is Roma Shah and I serve as one of your project coordinators for this term. I am currently a sophomore and got into Key Club my freshman year because it looked really fun and I wanted to give back to the community. I love playing, piano, tennis, and sleeping. My favorite foods include candy, cookies, and pretty much anything sweet.

eileen @eileenktran・12h

Hey guys!! My name is Eileen Tran, I am a junior and I serve as one of your project coordinators this year! My fave food is donuts or ramen or boba. My interests are hating on calculus and playing water polo. I got into KC because a lot of my friends were doing it and it looked really fun to be a part of a little inclusive community.

jillianne @jilly_anne_・16h

Heyy my name is Jillianne Calicdan, im a sophomore, and I serve as your sophomore representative this year!! I heard about this club from my cousins who were past board members, and I really enjoy hearing people’s gratitude when we help out the community. Arizona is my water, I LOVE poke even though im allergic… and I watch anime and kdramas for a living <3

naomi @_naomile・12h

My name is Naomi Tran and i am your freshman class representative this term! This is my first year of participating in Key Club but I'm always eager to learn and try new things. This club was something I learned about by word of mouth but I'm so glad I decided to join! Some of my favorite things are sweets and reading manga. I also love oolong milk tea!

ms. kellett @mskellett_ig・1d

I've been the key club advisor since the 2017-2018 school year. I became an English teacher because I think we have lots to learn through discussion with each other and through reading others' stories. I enjoy reading, watching The Office, and taking care of my mini garden. I don't have a dog, but I wish I did. My favorite foods include tacos, mac and cheese, and ice cream.

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Welcome to the basics of Key Club page! Scroll to learn more! To go back home tap any of the icons on the top or bottom <3

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Key Club is a growing organization with global reach. With 1000s of clubs in more than 38 countries, the impact of Key Club members can be felt all over the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing, and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects, and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district, and international levels. To learn more visit

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Core Values
Leadership » Leadership is grounded in humility and service to others. A true leader listens, recognizes, and empowers.

Character building » Character is built by everyday acts of kindness, integrity and teamwork to grow stronger relationships and communities.

Caring » Compassion for others is a cornerstone of the Key Club experience, inspiring action and service to one’s community.

Inclusiveness » We welcome people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to join in serving and making a positive difference in our world.

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So I uhh keep hearing about these divisions and d12s... supervillains.. what are they?

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Good question Sokka! There are 3 tiers to key club. Your home clubs, divisions, and CNH (California, Nevada, Hawaii). Divisions consist of multiple home clubs in a specific area... but what is ours?

supervillains @d12skeyclub・5m

Our division is the division 12 south supervillains! Also known as d12s! Our division is based in South San Jose representing the "s" in d12s. In our division, there are 11 schools! It includes...

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Andrew Hill - No face (Spirited Away)
Ann Sobrato - Firebenders (ATLA)
Evergreen Valley - Shego (Kim Possible)
Leland - Lotso (Toy Story)
Oak Grove - Akatsuki (Naruto)
Pioneer - Team Rocket (Pokemon)
Santa Teresa - Anti-fairies (Fairly-Odd parents)
Silver Creek - Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty)
Valley Christian - Jack Frost (Rainbow Magic)
Willow Glen - Queen of Hearts
Yerba Buena - Venom

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Don't forget to look out for our LTG Enya Do! LTGs are lieutenant governors and they're the ones who are responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within their division and serving as a liaison between the district and the club.

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Every month each division has something called a DCM!!! What is a DCM? DCM stands for division council meeting, during each one it is usually hosted by one of the schools in each division where we update each other on news that happens within our division and have a fun service event to go along with it!

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Have you heard of RTC and FRN? RTC is an overnight region training conference. During RTC key clubbers from regions 17 (us) & 9 are invited to learn more about Key Club, hear keynote speakers, attend workshops, participate in campfire, perform skits, and so much more!

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You may have heard the letters FRN float around, but you don't know what it is. FRN stands for Fall Rally North! FRN happens once a year at Six Flags in Vallejo, where divisions all across Northern California come together to meet new people and celebrate our fundraising efforts towards the Pediatric Trauma Program by cheering against each other!